Thursday, July 28, 2016

Keep Moving..........

That's all ya can do! Yesterday I went riding, I waited till 7 hoping the heat would drop at least enough to feel like it dropped. Guess what! It was still hot! The difference between 100 and 97 ain't much!

But when you stop, the sweat rolls off! Like a fire hydrant, for the next 20 minutes you probably sweat as much as the whole ride. When the air stops it's like the heater comes on. I know that's probably an exaggeration but it does feel like it gets hotter.

I did enjoy the ride, I know I have ridden Sherman a thousand times and there are times I don't want to ride there. But then there times I like knowing where the fast line is. Knowing what's coming and what to expect. You get in that state of mind, I know where I can shave a second off and I know when I just lost a second.

Plus it's fun to see people ahead through the woods and know how far you are to catching them. Or seeing them behind you and knowing you better pick it up! Point is I had a good time riding last night. I like it when that happens, when you ride and have nothing else on your mind except what you are doing. Full concentration!

Tonight I think I might go to the golf course. The dog needs to travel too.

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