Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Clicking Along,,,,,,,,,

I guess it's the new normal, Charlotte for a few weeks and then a trip to Atlanta. I have been riding a lot and I even hit up Augusta on the way home Sunday. It was hot and I had the place to myself, there were a few cars in the lot but overall I was by myself.

Forks Area Trail System is the bomb! I know I said that last time I stopped and I will probably say it again but it's true. I got 14 miles and I still haven't ridden but half the place. I was a little pushed for time and I knew how long the one section would take so I stuck with it. Next time I plan to ride the rest of the trails.

I have been riding the road bike more and trying to get a few more miles in. So far it's working, even with the heat. Yes it's been hot, really hot too! I don't really mind it too much but of course I would rather it was fall. Although the older I get the more I am trying to enjoy the moment or season. Not trying to rush through to the next.

It's only heat, drink lots of water and deal with it. If you wait for the perfect temps you would waste half the year sitting inside. That's not cool!

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