Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NO Wonder !!!!!!!!

So I looked at my truck the other day and thought it looked pretty rough. It sits in the drive way for months on end and hardly gets any love. Yet every time I want to pull the camper I jump in and go! With that thought I washed it.

Then I started the wax process! A process that lasted the better part of 2 nights! It was a hell of a job, a job I don't want to repeat anytime soon. I will stay on top of it from now on. For the simple reason it was such a job.

If I had kept it waxed to start with it wouldn't have been such a hard job. But I let it go so long I had to hand polish it before I could even wax it. By the time I did the wash, wax and detail I had 5 hours in it.

Now tonight I ride my bicycle. No more wash and wax. I am beat...

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