Monday, July 4, 2016


So this morning I went out for a ride and planned to do about 30-40. Everything was going great and I was enjoying the ride, I was about 25-30 into it when I had to cross back over Hwy 74. No problem right, wait for the light to change and get back to it.

Well that's exactly the way it happened and I took off again. As I was pedaling along I thought "damn my legs are tired for such a short ride". Then I thought "well I did do a run 2 days ago". Then kept pedaling. As I got o the final 7-8 miles I was even cursing my legs thinking this is pathetic! I have nothing left in the tank and I am on a 30 freaking mile ride!

Well I get home and and lean the bike against the wall and head in the house. Still thinking I suck! Why do I even ride if I can't even ride 30 miles any more. I was really kinda mad! Then I get out of the pool awhile ago and decide to put the bike up and the first thing I notice is how hard it is to push!

A road bike rolls like so easy it takes no effort to pedal much less push! I look and damn if the rear brake isn't pushing against one side of the wheel. I get to thinking and remember how when I was at the light to cross 74 the bike shifted between my legs and almost fell over. I must have managed to hit the back brake with my leg. Pinning the brake against the wheel!

      Now I know why the last 10-15 miles where so hard! Maybe I don't suck as bad I thought!

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