Tuesday, April 7, 2015

That Was Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I came to work yesterday with no plans to ride at all when I got home but that all changed with one text! A one word text, it simply said. "road"... I thought about it and decided why not, I hadn't seen Kelly in a few weeks and I am still trying to get going so I said yes. With one word..

We know each others schedule so that was all it took. I knew I needed to get home and out the door to Unionville for a 5'oclock meeting. Of course I made it and he was there, 40 miles later and a good conversation my legs were toast and I was home!

First road ride of the season is now under the belt. After my full weekend it really did put a hurting on me but it was worth it. I had forgotten how fast you roll on a road bike and how much ground you can cover. The weather was perfect, almost. The wind was a little strong but for the first ride it was awesome.

                                                        It's gonna be a good summer.....

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