Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Made Myself !!!!!!!!!!!!

And I enjoyed every minute of it! Yes I know your not supposed to start a sentence with "And". But it applied this time.

I got home yesterday and I told myself, "Self" "if you don't ride your bicycle today, it will be next week before you go again". Being gone all weekend will kill your riding for a few days. Anyway "self replied". "But it's windy", self don't like to ride in the wind. Before I knew it I was putting on my riding socks.

I was out the door 10 minutes later and the first corner I went around and I was going straight into the wind. What did I do? I went to the end of that road and went the other way! From there I headed downtown Monroe and just worked my way around town. I figured if I stayed in town I would be out of the wind.

Ten minutes later I had made a lap of downtown Monroe, it ain't that big. So I headed out of town and made a lap toward Wingate and then back to the house. 30 miles later I was home and felt great, thankful I went ahead and rode.

Now tonight I will start packing the Gold Wing for my ride! A ride I am rather excited about. This will be the longest trip I have ever taken on a motorcycle. 500 miles one way, most trips are around the 2-3 hundred mile mark. Plus it's still on the cool side in Pennsylvania, the morning low's are still at the 30 degree mark. That means I am going from a 75-80 degree area to a 30-50 degree area.

Once you get used to the higher the lower sucks! But honestly can't wait I am excited!!

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