Thursday, April 30, 2015

Now What ,,,,,,,,,,

So I came back from PA and mowed the yard! Hence the reason I haven't I posted anything this week. Nobody cares, they have there own yard to mow and we all know there is nothing exciting about that. So far I have slipped in a mountain bike ride at one of our local parks, Francis Beatty and a walk.

Nothing more! I did find 4 golf balls last night but that's nothing worth talking about. I will say Francis Beatty was packed. There where people every where! The park was packed, basketball tennis soccer, every field was full of people. The woods too, bikers hikers and the occasional lost person. I don't go there very often but it's a quick trip from the house and I always like a change every so often.

Today being Thursday I am already thinking about where I want to go this weekend. The wife is going with her mom to Kinston for her nephew's birthday and I am taking a pass on that. I have to tend to Chase Saturday, he wants to go to a concert and I am taking him and his girlfriend to it.

Sunday I am in the clear so I am thinking a mountain trip is in order. I haven't ridden up there since last fall so it's looking good. If I get up fairly early I could be there and riding by 10. DuPont State Forest is looking like my trail of choice...

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