Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Time ,,,,,,,,,,

Today I head north! On the bike! The motorbike! Yep I have checked the weather, more than once. It looks about the same every time so I decided to stop looking. If I get caught in the rain I guess I get caught in the rain. It's really a pretty simple process.

Kinda like 1+1. I do care but I am not gonna cancel my trip because some dude who is wrong more than he is right is predicting what I do. Think about it, if you based every thing you do on the weather forecast you would do a lot of sitting around looking at a nice day.

Monday I'll be back and it will be a distant memory. I like memories, like they say! "When your old and sitting around are you gonna say" "I wish I did" or "Remember that time"...

                                                  I am gonna have a lot to talk about!

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