Monday, April 27, 2015

One Body ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You know the last comment in the post below, the one about me having a lot to talk about. Yep I will and guess what story I can tell now.

Next time someone asks about my high-tech Bushtec motorcycle trailer I can tell them, "yep" "it can hold "One Body" easily!  Here's how I figured that out..

As I also said below, I rode the Gold Wing to Pennsylvania Friday to see my kid. I ended up riding a little over 1000 miles by the time I got home yesterday. I left Blairsville PA about 10:30 yesterday and while the kid and I were eating breakfast I checked the weather. I knew if I was gonna get rained on it would be on the return trip so I was checking things out.

As all the weather predictors where saying the rain was south of us down around Morgantown WVA and down toward Bluefield. I have been thinking about trying a different route home and that was all it took to push me that way. Knowing the new way was gonna take about an hour longer I took off. I went east to Altoona PA and then headed south.

Once I got to Bedford PA I went east again on the PA turnpike. I haven't been on the turnpike in 15 years and it was kinda neat then I got off at Breezewood PA and then started working my way south down interstate 81. Once in Roanoke VA, down 220 and into NC home by 7pm.

Back to the turnpike! I am in the left lane keeping up with the traffic and rolling right along. As I round a turn I stroll right by 3 Hells Angels bikers in the right lane. I am running along about 75-80 and they where going more along the lines of the speed limit, 70. So I go right by and don't think twice about it. I even give them a little wave and get the ol' biker nod as I go by.

Maybe 15 miles later I come up on a travel plaza and I decide to go ahead and get fuel. Plus I just wanted to stop and go inside. I always liked the travel plaza's and figured it was my chance to stop. I pull up to the pumps and am getting fuel when here they come. The real bikers! They pull up beside me and get off to get fuel. We say hi to each other and that's about it. I go in and come back out and one of them is checking out my trailer.

I know I haven't put any pictures on here in a long time but I got a hell of a damn setup when it comes to my Gold Wing. Not only are Gold Wings bad ass but my trailer is a match also. They look good when they are hooked up and I am traveling! I walk up and say hi, and we start talking. He likes my bike! LOL...

He has all his stuff on his back seat strapped down and here I am with a trailer and all my stuff nice and cozy! Dry also! I could only imagine what the people walking by are thinking! Here he is all dressed in his vest and he looks rough! I am riding a Gold Wing and I am dressed nice and neat and yet we are standing in the parking lot of a Pennsylvania travel plaza talking about motorcycles.

So he asks if he can look inside the trailer, see how much it can hold. I say sure and open the trailer, he takes a look and then the other 2 guys who were standing there not saying much both walk over and take a look. One of them takes a look and says "huh" "you could fit "One Body" in there! That kinda stunned me, and they got the biggest laugh I think they had in a long time!

He was joking and just trying to get a response out of me. Stunned silence was just what he was looking for! I turned red of course and then I caught on.. It was pretty funny. So then we wrapped it up and we all took off again. I know for a fact all 3 of them where smiling as they rode off.....

Hell I was too! It's funny how most people who walked by didn't even want to really look their way yet I actually enjoyed the conversation. They were actually nice guys.....

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