Monday, April 6, 2015

Pacing ,,,,,,,,,,

That was my plan all weekend. I felt so bad Friday that I knew I would need to "Pace" all weekend if I wanted to enjoy and take advantage of the weather. It's supposed to start raining today and last all week. With that in the forecast I couldn't sit at home and do nothing.

Saturday I hit the end of the driveway with Uhwarrie and the White Water Center on my mind. At the last second I decided to head to the west side of town and ride all the trails at the WWC. Same distance but a little faster to get to. With 485 around Charlotte all I have to do is hit the freeway and set the cruise control.

I get there and pay my 5 bucks to park and then find a place to park. If that place ain't making money yet it's beyond me! It was packed, people everywhere, if you add up just the 5 bucks to pack they had to make 10 grand Saturday.

So I unload and head to the woods, I ride everything and then head to the new trail! The one I just learned about recently when I went by chance to the website and printed off a map. So as I am riding it I come to another fork in the trail and stumble on another new section! By the firmness of the ground it couldn't be over a few weeks old. As I plow around the trail I find myself laughing!

Overall if you ride every trail in Charlotte you gotta just about agree the White Water Center is about the best trail system in town! Yes I said "in town". In this "area" then the best trail would be Lake Norman State park. But White Water rocks! The place is awesome, trails people restaurant you name it.

I believe I am actually gonna break down and buy the parking pass. It's gonna be a great summer for riding. Now I just need to get the road bike out and get in a few more miles....

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