Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boat Anyone????????

If you live in the greater southern corner of the  states you need a damn boat about now! We have had rain for so long I thought about taking a picture of the sun this morning. It's out and shinning like I swear it's shone before! Not true, but that's how long it's been since it's been out.

Of course my riding has sucked lately but everybody is in the same "boat" as I am. I have slipped out a few times here and there but over all not much. I got a 25 mile road ride in Saturday and then I took the 46 mile drive to Cheraw and slipped in a ride on Sunday. While everybody else was at home watching the rain drop I was in the woods.

The middle of a rain storm is the best time to ride Cheraw. Although they didn't get the same rain we had in Monroe. Nobody believes that when I tell them but it's true. I had to drive about 5 miles an hour to get out of the state but about the time I crossed the state line the sky closed and stopped raining. It misted a little bit but I rode for the better part of 2 hours and had a great time.

I might get out today but we'll see. My mind is starting to shift gears into travel mode! I dropped off the Gold Wing Saturday and they already had it ready yesterday. I picked it up and got it home before the rain storm came. I swear I have looked at the radar 20 times in the last few days hoping to see my "window" of opportunity to ride to PA this weekend.

I keep watching all the big cities I go through between here and there. I need 3 full days or at least a good Friday and a good Sunday with no rain to travel. So far it's looking pretty good! It's gonna be kinda cold in the mornings but that's not a big deal. Plus I have pretty much made my mind up that I am going! Going on the bike!

I could come up with 10 reasons not to ride if I tried very hard or I can just ride. The weather is always gonna be the weather. Suck it up and enjoy the ride.. I am excited and plan to put some miles down this year.

                                                               Dad would be proud!

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