Friday, April 10, 2015

Bump In The Road..........

Monday evening's ride was great and then Tuesday I started the day just like any other. Then I had lunch! By 2'oclock, I was telling my buddy in the desk beside me that my stomach was rolling! I ended up leaving a little early and before I could get out of the car in the driveway I was hanging out the door throwing up...

                         That continued the rest of the evening and into the next morning.

                                                                Food poison!!!

It all started innocent enough, one of our suppliers brought hamburgers and hot-dogs in and wanted to treat the guys in the warehouse to lunch. He brought enough for damn near everybody here so we ended up having an impromptu lunchin'. Of course out of 25 people that ate I was the only one who managed to grab the bad burger.

I remember taking the first bit and thinking it had a funny flavor but I thought maybe it was just me. I looked at it and it was cooked through but a little moist. In other words it wasn't cooked fully! I spent Wednesday and Thursday eating nothing but saltine crackers and drinking nothing but ginger ale. I did work yesterday but not very hard and I still ended up leaving early again.

I finally slept last night and woke up feeling a lot better. I missed last nights ride and we get the rain today so it will be tomorrow before I get to pedal again but I still need the rest anyway. I can tell I am still weak but the weather is gonna be great. It may not be a fast ride but I'll get the seat time.

                As far as the grill out back,,, If I had my choice I would throw it in the dumpster!!

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