Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I rolled out Friday at 12 and had dinner with the boy at 8pm. Spent all day touring motorcycle shops and checking out the large quantities of public game land in PA. Apparently Pennsylvania has a lot of hunting land open to the public. Most states don't have as much, as a matter of fact I can't even name any place besides Uhwarrie that is open to the public here in NC.

Add a 4-wheel drive Jeep in and we had all the backwoods trails we wanted to explorer to ourselves! It rained all day so that killed out plans to ski so we had to find other options. A good dinner up in Indiana PA and a good breakfast Sunday before I came home and the trip was over before I knew it.

It's a long way to visit for a day and half but hey, it's my kid! If I could go every week I would! But luckily he is coming down next weekend so I don't have to worry about going back for a few weeks. After he heads home it might be a month before I go back. I already look forward to it!

Now for my being back! Yesterday I slipped out after work and headed to the woods. My riding has really suffered over the last few months with the weather and going back and forth to see the kid so much. Last night it really showed! I totally sucked!!!! Really, like the worst I have been on a bike in years!!!

I went to Sherman Branch, one of the more fast flowing trails in the Charlotte area and I struggled! I could have ridden all day but I just didn't have any speed or rhythm. I was all over the place and the smallest climbs that I usually shoot right up made my legs hurt! Until I get back in a steady routine it's gonna hurt.

As I rode home Sunday I was even entertaining thoughts of racing the Southern Classic Race series this year. It starts this coming weekend, after yesterday I think I might just go to the beach and wait for someone else to tell me about it!!!!!

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