Thursday, March 12, 2015

About Time...........

Yep, it's "About Time". It's been a month. I am heading back to Pennsylvania again! The kid and I are going skiing all day Saturday and then I come back home. The added bonus is it looks like he's gonna have a long weekend in 2 more weeks and will come home for a few days!

I still ain't sure how I feel about him driving back and forth by himself but I know he's capable. He's done really well in school and he's a good kid so it looks like he will be driving. Yes we did check into plane tickets but nothing worked for the time span he has.

The price was right but he had to leave at like 7am, when he would still be in school. Going back he would get back to Pittsburgh after 10pm with class at 7 the next morning, and he lives over an hour from the airport. So I guess he will be driving and the wife and I just have to get over it.

The fact he is capable should make me feel better! But it's still tough to think your 19 year old is driving 500 miles by himself! But he lives 500 miles away and is doing fine so I can deal with it.                                    

                                                   Now my wife isn't to thrilled at all.........

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