Friday, March 20, 2015

Like That it's Over ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Started the week with a ride and then did nothing the rest of the week. Tuesday I cleaned up my neglected truck, since we are using it this weekend I thought I might need to give it some love. Then Wednesday I had to go pick-up my camper from the shop and that managed to pretty much kill the afternoon.

Yesterday was spent packing the camper, plus it was raining so that pretty much did the week in. I plan to relax and do nothing this weekend! Next week is gonna be another story, I have to get back in gear. Although to be honest I have enjoyed my break! I love my bicycles and I am looking forward to getting back in gear but the break has really been nice.

I have still been doing a lot of walking and just a little (very little) running. I haven't totally been a couch potato! But it's been nice, when the weather finally gets right I will get back in the swing of it. For now, I like what I am up too!

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