Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For The Next ,,,,,,,,,,,,

After re-reading my post from yesterday I realized I never got to the "Next" part. We have been going quite a bit lately and I enjoy looking forward to the next trip on the way home from the last. I realized on the way home from the beach that besides Cody coming home this weekend we don't have anything planned at the moment.

So now I make plans! Next weekend (the 3rd-4th) I am planning to go ride my bike in the mountains. I can load my tent and head to the campground and spend hardly anything. That way I can spend a full day riding and get a good nights sleep before I come home. Again I like the 40 miles to the gallon car.

It expands your playground by a lot! Plus when you go by yourself your options are a lot easier. I can grab a burrito and a six pack and dinner is done. With the wife in tow things don't work like that. She ain't as inclined as I am to rough it. So camp trip to the hills and a trip to Cane Creek park are the only things on the horizon for now.

Although if I want to enjoy the bike ride I better get riding! It seems like everyday here lately I have had something to do. Yesterday was the first yard mow of the year. Today I am paying for it too. My allergies have gone crazy! And I am only about halfway through with the yard. I still need to mow the driveway and trim the bushes. Then a trailer of mulch and the yard will be set for the summer..............

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