Monday, March 9, 2015

Old Is New Again !!!!!!!!!!!

I got my bike back, Saturday the weather finally got back to what we would call "seasonal". The trails are still soaked from all the rain we have had lately so my options were limited. But having a car now that gets 39 miles to the gallon I am more inclined to travel a little more to ride.

I loaded up and headed south, Cheraw State Park. 45 miles and I was there! Last time I was there the trails were in a little rough shape and I went with that thought in my mind. To my surprise and delight, someone had just recently done the maintenance. The trails were in awesome shape!

I had a 3 lap 21 mile ride and spent the better part of 2 hours enjoying the sunshine and 65 degree temps. I had so much fun I even went back down Sunday and did 2 more laps. After going 3 weeks without riding my legs are sore! Believe it or not since the week of Christmas, the last time I was down there only 29 people had signed the registry.

Although I did see 2 bikers Sunday who hadn't signed in and a jogger Saturday who didn't sign in. So I know the trails are getting use, they are just in a really rural area. Thank goodness they are there though. If they where closer they would get a lot of use.

Now for my bike! "Old Is New Again"! As I said last week I got it back and it's like riding a brand new bike again. With a full service tune up, all new cables and housings and a general going over it's awesome!

                                    Bicycle Sport Charlotte, NC..... The bomb!!!!!

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