Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Yep, I'm Hungry Too ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I know I have been a little slack lately with the blog. With Cody down south I've had a few busy weekends for sure. Plenty to talk about but just haven't made the time. But we are still here!

First of all I am still running! Love it too! It's really neat to see all our local trails in a different light. When I trail run I always go the opposite direction of the bikes. For safety and it gives you a whole different look. One thing I have noticed is a little bit of an attitude from my fellow mountain bike riders. Without going into to a rant bikes need to do a little better job of yielding to the walker/runner.

I will throw myself in there to. Until I started running regular I was guilty of the same thing! As a biker you don't realize how fast you are actually going. At least when you are passing someone who is coming the other direction and running. Also as a runner it's not my job to stop and let you go by. It's on both of us.

Ok done with that. The weather is finally getting a little better and I am able to ride more. I know they are predicting a wet winter so I have no ideal how long it will last. But the trails are fun right now. I do have a mountain trip coming up the week after Thanksgiving so I will be hitting the infamous "Pisgah". Looking forward to that!

                                       Enjoy your turkey and day and see ya later........

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