Monday, November 2, 2015

Progress ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So I spent last week sick and feeling really crappy. I finally slide out the door and got in a walk on Thursday and that was the highlight for the week. Saturday came around and I wanted to get out and do a ride but was really kinda scared too.

I have just started to feel good again and didn't want to ruin it. Of course I went anyway and took it easy. Although I only did a lap 4 minutes slower than usual. What is surprising is how much fun I had going just a little slower. I got through and I could have easily ridden another lap at that pace. Instead of killing myself for one lap I could have a lot more fun riding 2 laps!

the things that make you go Hummmm. After that I sat around Sunday for just a little while and then decided to head to the golf course. Rain or no rain I ended up running for 3 miles and had a great time. I was soaked when I got done but who cares, I had a great time and didn't have to spend the day at home doing nothing. I got out and played!

It was so much fun I am planning on going again today. Life's to short to sit on the couch. Besides the dog doesn't care, why should I. Plus it's always neat to see the people driving by looking down on the parking lot. They stare the whole way by. You know they are thinking "look at that idiot, he ain't got enough sense to get out of the rain."

To me the jokes on them, they are riding in a car going some where and scared they might get wet. I might be wet but damn I am having fun! Plus I got my exercise in for the day.

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