Monday, November 9, 2015

It Rained I Ran...

As crazy as this may sound, I am kinda digging running right now! A few years ago I ran a few 5k's and I did the Cooper River Bridge Run, then I stopped running. No reason just did. With the weather being so wet lately and no where to ride but Cheraw or Uhwarrie I just haven't felt the urge to load up and go.

So I found myself running the other day when the dog and I went to the country club. Before I realized it I was enjoying it. Then I went to the local trail the other day and did some trail running. All of a sudden I have been running about 5 times lately. Saturday I woke up and even had that for a plan!

Put my shoes on and headed to the golf course. To my surprise the course was actually closed and I had the whole place to myself. Golfers are as crazy as cyclist, they play no matter what. If you walk the nature trail around the back 9 at Monroe Country Club it's a mile and a half. If you do the cart path for that side it's two and a half miles.

I ran the cart path, got a good run in and was still home in no time at all. Today I found myself bringing shoes and shorts to work, with a plan to run right after work. We have a nature trail here in Matthews and the out and back totals 4 miles.

One of these days I might find myself back on the bike, but right now the trails are so wet it's gonna be a month before we can ride in the woods again..

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