Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Time,,,,

Frank, that's his name! Unless the governor of North Carolina calls and gives him a pardon his ass is headed to the oven! Every year I name my turkey and this one is Frank! I started doing this when the kids were really young, it used to make them squirm. They didn't like the thought that we were eating a turkey with a "name".

Now they get into it! Cody even asked the other night what his name was. The other night every time Chase opened the fridge he was talking to Frank. Karen just shakes her head and I am still immature enough that I laugh every time. thanks giving is great!

The best part is the 4 days off. Not sure what I plan to do yet but it will involve bikes and running shoes. For some reason I have an urge to ride bikes down in the Pageland area. I used to go down there with the kid all the time. Since he went to school and then headed to Georgia I just don't really ride the road bike that much.

I just like the area and the hills. With my mountain trip coming up week after this week. I feel like I need to climb some hills to get my legs ready. One ride won't make them perfect but in my head it will work.

                                                Enjoy your holiday be back next week..

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