Friday, August 5, 2016

Told Ya ,,,,,,,,,,,,

I even had the wife along! As I said in the last post, "if it rains I get wet". We got wet! I came home yesterday and talked the wife into going to the golf course with me. First thing she said was "it's gonna rain". I said so, we get wet! That's what happened.

She didn't melt we didn't get caught in a flood, it worked out. She even found herself having fun. Like I told her, when we were kids we played in the rain. As long as it wasn't a thunderstorm we stayed outside. At what point did we "get to old" to play in the rain. It's fun!

Now we have rain predicted for Saturday and Sunday and I will be outside. I plan to do a good road ride tomorrow. I haven't been down to the Pageland area in awhile and I need to do some climbing. Hard to believe I go to Pageland for climbing but there are some really big hills down there.

Park at Pageland and ride to Kershaw, then back. 40 miles and about 4000 ft of climbing! Not a bad training ride!

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