Monday, August 1, 2016

Got It !!!!!!!!!

OK, first off, we went to Atlanta, the kid and I. We spent the weekend with Cody and got to see another Braves game. I am still amazed they are tearing down that stadium at the end of the season. To me the place looks new! I understand the location part but it's just crazy that the place is about to be gone. It really looks great.

Yes we had some good food and hung out. Then got home about 5 yesterday. To early for the couch and to late to load up and head out riding. Really I could have went riding but just wasn't felling it. Instead the dog and I hit the golf course. It was so hot nobody was there. As soon as we got there I saw a golf ball and then it was on.

With nobody there I could hit all the "good" spots looking. We ended up running around in the woods and all over the back 9 with a total of 21 golf balls! That's a lot! All we had to do was go in the woods between any hole and there they were. I had so many, it was all I could do to hold my shorts up. My pockets where that full.

Then we came home and I washed cars till it got dark. Day done! I can't stand to sit down and do nothing when the sun is shinning. Sooner or later we will have plenty of rain I will still be outside. The only difference is I will be getting wet. Just like I talked about last week, you only have a few perfect days a year, you can always find an excuse to stay inside.

                                                        You got to want to play outside everyday!

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