Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Habit ,,,,,,,,,,,

Lately it seems I might have a new "habit", I get up and get moving on Sat. moving! Usually I won't even commit to an early AM start for a ride. But it seems this summer I have turned over a new leaf. I am getting up and getting going.

This morning I set the alarm and Glen was here at 6:45 we where in Pageland at 7:30 and riding in the fog. We made the trip to Kershaw and I got my favorite chicken tenders! Back in 95' I used to drive a truck and hauled soy beans down to Kershaw. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I might be pedaling a bike down there just to get chicken!

At this point in life that whole truck driving period seems like it was another life time ago. Back then I thought I was gonna do that for the rest of my life! I miss driving a truck but I only want to buy one to drive back and forth to work. No other eason!

Back to my chicken! On the street behind the soybean plant there is a gas station, They use peanut oil to fry all there food. It's good! Then throw in a honey biscuit and your good to go. That's what I did, then we pedaled back to Pageland and I had 50 miles and a little less climbing than I planned. It was about 3000ft instead of 4000 but I am happy.

                                                                 And ready to go back.

                                                                         Early AM.

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