Sunday, May 1, 2016

Plans Change........

With that you have to roll with the flow! So all week last week the weather looked like it was gonna be great, great in Asheville. Well on the way up I find out they are calling for heavy rain Saturday night in Asheville. Not the plan I had.

I love to camp but camping in the rain sucks! I mean really sucks! I don't like to deal with wet tents and wet period. So I went ahead and stopped in Saluda long enough to eat and then headed on up to Bent Creek.I hung out with the guys Friday night and road all day yesterday.

About 4pm I packed all my stuff and headed home. I didn't even get to the interstate before the rain was coming down! At times I was rolling down I-26 at 40 miles an hour it was raining so hard! Thankful I wasn't dealing with that and a tent! While I was packing other people where getting prepared for the coming rain. I felt sorry for them as I drove. It's one thing to deal with rain and another to deal with downpours!

As far as the riding goes, knowing I was only going to get one day I hit the trails with the guys at 9 am and they headed for the campground for lunch about 11. I continued on and finally made it back to camp at 1. I had enough time to eat and get some more water. Then we all headed back out for another 2 hours. I ended up with 5 plus hours on the bike. I rode about every trail Bent Creek can offer and some of them twice.

I slept good last night, no doubt about it! Now for next weekend. It's looking like I will be heading to Atlanta next week. The kid wants to ride the Olympic course in Conyers GA again. I'm game for that!

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