Friday, April 29, 2016

I Like Normal.....

And Bar-be-Que!! It seems my new normal the last few weeks and the next few weeks to come will be the mountains! No complaints here, I am enjoying the heck out of it. Yep we went last weekend and I got in a great ride at Bent Creek.

Right now my car is loaded and I am spending the night in Saluda, and eating bar-be-que! Green River Bar-be-Que is my new vice. Plus I can walk to it from the house and then right down the street to a really nice bar. Right back up to the hill to the house.

It won't be a late night I am riding today as soon as I get there and then I am getting up early to ride all day tomorrow. With a quick couple of hours on the bike before I come home Sunday. Saturday night I am staying at the Bent Creek campground with a group, the same group I am riding with tomorrow.

That will be basecamp, although DuPont will be the trail of choice Sunday on the way out of town!

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