Monday, May 2, 2016

Options, I Like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

First of all I need to say thanks to our friend Paula! Because of her I have "options" when I am in the mountains. Yes I do the yard work for her and no it doesn't really take anytime. A house in the mountains you don't have to pay for is like your neighbor having a pool! That's the best kind, of pool or house!

Because of this Saturday afternoon when the rain was coming it was easy to pull the plug and head down to Saluda. I got down there and as I said it was raining. I hoped that for some reason it went right around the campground and the people who where there for the night stayed dry. They didn't!

I got to Saluda took my toothbrush in and my pillow. Went down to the bar-be-que joint ate and had a few beers. By 9 I was sound asleep! I woke up early Sunday morning feeling good, I hit the road and was home about 8:30. Dry! Thankful I didn't have to unpack and dry out all my stuff!

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