Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Own Enemy !!!!!!!!!

You know the saying, "My Own Worst Enemy". Well right now I am on the verge of making that my motto. As I mentioned in the last post I am actually getting a little up on my usual fitness level. With that thought in my head I sat down to the computer the other night and came damn close to entering the Pisgah 55.5k mountain bike race.

Yep the same race that I did 2 years ago and took almost 8 hours for me to complete. The one I came home from beat into the ground and worn slam out. The one I really couldn't believe I had just done. The that I will never forget, the one I had a volunteer at a rest stop tell me I had about an hour and a half climb in front of me when I asked how much further. He wasn't lying either!

On the back side of that climb was another hour and a half to finish. Well the race is about 2 weeks away and for some reason I feel it might be "fun". Why I don't know?

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