Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Got My Answer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The answer I was looking for about the 55k race this weekend. The weather has made my mind up! It's supposed to rain all weekend in the mountains. Last time I did this it was rainy and cold, I got cold! I don't like to get cold, plus I haven't paid my entry fee yet so it's a no brainer. I won't be doing the Pisgah 555k this year.

What I will be doing I have no ideal but it's only Wednesday. Plus if we get all the rain they are calling for the only place to ride will be Uhwarrie or Cheraw. Both are all weather trails and the only choices we have when the weather turns crappy. Although I could always run.

Last night I went to the golf course and walked 3 miles, it beat sitting on the couch. I rode Monday with the weather coming and now I wait to see what it will be doing when the time to ride comes again. Right now my whole weekend is in rainy limbo. Not counting this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon and the following day.

                                                      I hate being stuck with no plans.........

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