Sunday, May 8, 2016

Let's Play Catch Up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yes I went running the other day and it was great, I did 3 miles and not one single issue with my shin's. I haven't had a chance to go again the trails opened up, at least Rocky River Trail did. I have been on a phase lately of riding there so I was glad it was open. With the mountain trip last weekend I feel like I am getting somewhere with my fitness so I want to keep it that way.

Actually I had two trips in a row to the hills so my legs are kinda feeling good right now. Plus we are in Atlanta right now and the kid and I had planned to ride when I got here so I wanted to stay in top shape. Yes we did the Olympic race course yesterday, It's pretty freakin' cool too. Also on Friday on my way down here they had the Forks Area Trails open.

I have stopped there twice and brought my bike three times with intentions of riding there only to find out it was closed so that was neat. I rode about 15 miles of it Friday and look forward to riding the rest off it. The place is really awesome, the flow is fantastic and it has like 30 miles of trail.

It's been a good week, I have ridden my mountain bike on three different trails in three different states! First time that has happened. Pretty neat when you think about it. Add in the mountains twice and it's been a good stretch for the mountain bike. Next trip to the hills I plan to do some road biking. I want to do a few loops around the Saluda area.

Bicycling magazine, in there latest issue listed all these great rides you need to do if you ever get a chance. One of them goes through Saluda I plan to do it! lots of climbing but that is part of it.

Now to end this with a laugh! Last night we decided to go to the Braves game. First time since the kid has been here in Atlanta. We got our tickets on line and headed out about 6. As we got off the interstate and headed down through the streets we see this guy on the side looking all official with his yellow "parking jacket" on.

There was several of these guys, like five or six of them. We stop and he sells me a parking pass for the green lot for twenty bucks. He gives us directions to the lot and says it's only a hundred yards from the front gate.

Well guess what! We get to the green lot and it is pretty close, or at least it was when the lot started taking in cars. We are way in the back at this point, a lot farther than a hundred yards. Maybe a quarter mile! But here's the kicker! It was free parking night!! Yep I got scammed for twenty bucks!

The official parking pass I bought didn't mean squat! The lady at the gate got a good laugh out of that. She said I could keep it as a souvenir! Live and learn...........

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