Monday, May 30, 2016


That about sums up my blogging here as of late. I need to get back on the ball! Riding has happened, a lot of riding! I have made a few trips to the mountains the last few weeks and done a few rides around the house. No running even though my legs feel better than they ever have, just no motivation for it.

After going to the mountains on a regular basis riding around here has kinda been boring. I find I really have to make myself go! I know I need to if i want to be strong enough to enjoy the hills. Speaking of the hills I love Bent Creek and DuPont. Between the 2 I have enough trails to keep me happy all summer long!

We have a week vacation coming up and the mountains are where we plan to go. The house in Saluda will be home base. Riding will happen! I plan to take both the road and mountain bike. Although the road bike still sits in the garage with flat tires from lake of use. It hasn't even been of the hook yet this year. For some reason the mtn. bike has been getting all the seat time.

I will be back down in Georgia next week and will do Conyers again. If the weather is right I will stop in Augusta again. I still need to check out the rest of Forks Area Trails.

Plus the motorcycle has been getting a few miles put on it. There are only so many hours in a week and I use everyone to its peak. You might see my yard and say different but to each his own! I do yard work when I have too, no sooner! If that's what you like to do for pleasure then have at it! I will be in the hills playing.

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