Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Time To Cull ,,,,,,,,,,,,

The garage! So we are heading to the beach for the weekend and of course we are dragging the camper. Usually we rent a golf cart while we are there. That is the big thing at the campgrounds, everybody has a golf cart to ride around. Of course we always join along. It's a vacation, a trip to relax! Why would you want to walk?

We also try a different campground about every time we go. One of these days we might find the ultimate campground! Until then we search. This time we are staying at the Myrtle Beach Travel Park. First time we have tried it. When I made the reservations I inquired about a golf cart rental, and then I found out they don't allow golf carts!

That's was a shock! But after giving it some thought we decided it would probably be kinda nice not to have to look both ways before we walked anywhere. So what do we do! Well we, as in me, cleaned and got 4 bikes ready. As I was doing that I wondered if everybody had that many extra bikes laying around. These are extra too, I am not taking any of my good mountain or road bikes.

Just bikes we have bought over the last few years. One nice one the wife rides and my commuter beer fetching bike, along with a couple of others for the kids. As I was doing that I looked around and that still left a few extra ones that never get ridden.

Those are the ones that need to be "Culled". I believe it's time to head back up to the bicycle thrift store Trip For Kids. Last time we went I donated about 5 bikes and I now have 3 more that need to go. All this pondering led me to think about how I continue to accumulate so many bikes. Yes we buy a few here and there but then I am always "inheriting" a few also.

It's amazing how many people have a bike laying around that they don't use and are more than willing to get out of the garage. I always here the same story, how they figure I can use it, or might know someone who can. Of course they are usually so old they are of no value to anyone who really rides bikes. But I never have the heart to tell them that. So I end up with extra bikes that need a little TLC and are usually good to go.

                                                      Go straight to the Trips for Kids program!

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