Monday, April 11, 2016

I Need It ,,,,,,,,

I need a damn break! And this week I will get it. Thursday we are taking a short break at the beach. I am looking forward to it. So far I have only taken 1 day off this year, not that I am saving my days for anything. I just haven't had the need to use them.

Last year we had Cody in Pennsylvania and I was going back and forth every few weeks. I went through my days and a few extra last year. This year the kid is in Georgia and he is coming home every few weeks, instead of me going to Georgia. that works out better.

Besides I liked Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh area was really cool. Atlanta, it sucks! Just ask Cody, he even liked Pennsylvania better. He could ski and had all kinds of outdoor activities right outside of town. It won't be long he will be back in the Carolina's. Not a moment to soon either!

As I talked about Friday I was kinda bummed I didn't make the trip to Illinois but having the kid home for the weekend made up for it. Now follow it up with a beach trip and I should be back in action!

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