Friday, April 1, 2016

Long Week ,,,,,,,,,

99 percent of the time I walk out the door here at work and never give it one thought till the following morning. That's always been one the plus's of my job. No stress! Customers may take it more seriously than I do but I haven't had one die waiting on his stupid lumber.

Well this week has been a bitch! One customer in particular, he and I had to part ways this week. I decided he needs a new lumber salesman. We are in the middle of a job and it hasn't went as well as it could have. The old proverbial saying, when it starts going down hill it just picks up steam. The snowball effect!

I knew when we about came to blows over a mistake from one of suppliers it was time. I lost sleep over this job this week and listened to way to much mouth over this. I usually don't have problems like this but when it happens, it happens. This guy has gotten a little to comfortable chewing people out.

As I said we about came to blows Wednesday. I warned him Monday he needed to watch his mouth, He wasn't going to talk to me the way he was. I think I caught him off guard with that, but he changed his attitude at that moment. Well then it must have bothered him because by the time Wednesday rolled around he really started jacking his jaws and that was it.

I lost it! Like I really lost it! I haven't went off on someone like that in years. I can't even remember the last time I was so mad. He thought he was gonna go over my head and get things done, along with get me fired. Well my boss stood behind me, much to his surprise. So now he has a new lumber yard along with a new salesman.

I hope he's happy! Really happy! Because I know I am. I learned a few things through out this little ordeal. At some point some customers just reach a point that it's no longer worth the effort. When you spend 60 percent of your time on one customer and you have 20 plus! It's time to cut'em loose!

                                                                        Have a good weekend....

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