Monday, April 4, 2016

Glad That's Over ,,,,,,,,,

Glad the week is behind me and we are on to another one. We had inventory Friday and Saturday, I have to work two weekends a year and I just did one. Six months from now we will do it again and then the year is a wrap.

Last week was rather eventful so I am hoping my drama level will drop considerably now. So for now back to riding!

Saturday I spent half the day here at work and the other half in the woods at Sherman Branch. The wife went with a few friends to a dog show so I was clear. It was a little bit muddy but not to bad. I still got in a decent lap under an hour and then went for a short second lap. For second lap these days I like to go to the entrance of the roller coaster section and then head down the hill to the lake loop and then back to the parking lot. It works out great.

Yesterday I decided to head south and I went down to Cheraw State Park. I hadn't been there in a few months and I figured it would be nice and hard packed from all the rain. As in fast! Wrong! with all the wind we had Saturday afternoon the sand was as soft as it could have been. That my friends makes for a very tough ride.

I let the air down as low as I felt I could get away with and hit the trail. When it's that soft you fight for every pedal stroke! Two 7 mile loops and I was beat. It's slow go when you can't carry any speed. Even on the downhills, you had to hit the turns so slow at the bottom you got no benefit from the downhill. Although it was fun, and I got to ride trails I usually don't ride I was tired.

Home and the weekend was done! Now we have the motorcycle trip coming up the end of this week!

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