Monday, March 28, 2016

Now We Have A Dilemma .................

You see I have always put my kids in front of everything. If they had something to do I have always been there. Never missed a thing! Period they come first! My "Dilemma" is not really a dilemma in the sense that I am gonna miss a game or something like that but I still will be gone.

You see they are both getting older and of course they are starting to have their own interest. It's part of watching them grow. Cody may only be 20 but he has lived on his own now for over a year. He was in Pennsylvania for 10 months and then went straight to Georgia. Of course he comes home a lot and I go see him a lot.

He was home the last 2 weekends and now he will be down south for the next 2 weeks and then he comes back up to go to a wedding. The wedding is the same weekend I am going to Illinois! Not really that big of deal but he won't be back up here for another 2 weeks. Believe it or not that would be the longest period I have ever been apart from one of my kids!

Last year I went to Pennsylvania at least once a month and he came home several times. Of Course Chase still is in high school so I see him everyday. But with Cody I only see him every few weeks. I know sooner or later this gonna happen and of course I am probably letting it bother me more than it should but as I said, my kids come first.

I will still go to Illinois but it's gonna be weird! The wife will be here and of course he will be fine but it just seems weird. The simple solution would be to go to Georgia the following week, but we will be at the beach so that's not gonna happen. I hope he can come down there,,

                                                                  Being a parent is tough..

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