Friday, April 8, 2016

The Bright Side !!!!!

So even though I am not headed to Illinois right now I am still in a good mood. Last week totally sucked! I let work interfere way to much with my personal life. I let one person drive me nuts and then every night I had a hard time sleeping. It just wore me out.

Yes he and I have talked this week and no we are not going to work together anymore. He asked if I would reconsider and he did apologize - I also apologized. But I am a little to far over this to back up now. I might feel a little different in a few months when I see it on my sales report, but that's no big deal. It will all balance out in a few cycles.

With that I have said enough. Time to move on and get back to what's really important in my life. Work does not really even make the list. The family comes first. Speaking of that, Cody is coming home this weekend. If I was gone I would miss him, as I said a few posts ago. I was kinda dreading that. Funny how things work out!

Plus I had a good week on the bike and the weekend looks nice. Yes it will be cold but no big deal. Besides now I have a short week coming up with a few days at the coast to finish it out. I am ready for a break!

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