Sunday, March 20, 2016

Time Fly's ,,,,,,,,

And ya' ain't always having fun! We have been really busy lately at work and I just haven't really had time to blog. I have been really active riding and walking, yes I said walking! My shine splints are still bothering me. It really makes me mad too. I want to run and I am ready to run. I plan to let them fully heal Before I try it again.

Plus I have my trip to Illinois coming up fast. I had two friends who were planning on going but now they have both backed out. Do I care, not really. I drove around in a big truck for 5 years by myself and believe it or not I am really looking forward to the solo time. I have the motel booked and I pretty much know which way I plan to go.

I don't plan to take a single map either! I know what exit my motel is at in Illinois off I-70 and that's about all I need to know. I plan to go up through Virginia and West Virginia into Ohio and then across Indiana through Indianapolis. From there it's into Illinois and to the motel. I will spend Saturday at the charity event and then probably go ahead and head out.

I have no ideal where I'll stay Saturday night but who cares. I plan to head straight south down through Kentucky and Tennessee. I want to get down into Mississippi before I start heading east. That will bring me across Alabama and Georgia, through South Carolina and then home.

No GPS, no map, no problem! It's pretty simple really. Ride the motorcycle and enjoy the trip. You can over think trips like this if you let yourself. I take trips like this to keep from thinking.....

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