Monday, March 7, 2016

Atlanta Again ,,,,,,,,,,,,

First of all I didn't realize it had been a week since the last post but it has. I usually post on the weekend but I was in Atlanta so that didn't happen. Yes I went south and spent the weekend with the kid. It's been a while since my last trip down there, the kid has been coming up more than we have been going down to see him. I can give him gas money and let him do the driving.

I know I used to be a truck driver but now I'm not. Simple as that, I don't enjoy it like I used too. But I did enjoy this trip. The kid is doing well and as I said, it has been a while. We worked on the jeep and it's actually starting to take shape. We put the axle under the front and all we lack are a few bolts and it will be under for good.

It's a lot of work but it will be worth it when we are done. The kid is ready to be done and driving it again. Besides doing that we did a lot of good eating and then finished it off with a mountain bike ride Sunday. We finally made our way over to the former Olympic Mountain Bike course.

We only got to ride half of it, they had one of those "Spartan Races" going on. Of course they were using the trails. We still had a good time. I look forward to going the next time I am down there, I want to see the rest of the trail. I rode ate good and still made it home by 7:30 last night. A good weekend it was....

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