Monday, February 29, 2016

Awesome !!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I set out for an adventure! With the world's greatest ever, we had to have this no matter what, Monroe by-pass going in a mile behind me. I have had it on my radar. On my I want to ride it and check it out radar. Yesterday was the day.

No they don't have it cut all the way through yet, they are still buying up and moving houses on the west end. but they do have it cut in from the other side of Wingate to a few miles past my house. I had Karen drive me and the mountain bike over to that point and from there I rode. I crossed creeks I had to hike down really steep hills and hike right back up the other sides.

I even got to one creek that was totally impassable and was turning around to find a way around when I ran into a few kids who where on four wheelers. No they weren't supposed to be there but to me I could care less. I was glad they where because they knew the way around! Worked out perfect for me. If they hadn't been there I am not sure I would have found my way around.

Plus with the detour they showed me I got to ride some four wheeler trails I never would have seen. I had to carry the bike up some really steep hills and then I had to make my way down some of the same. I had to use the make shift bridges they have installed for the heavy equipment and had to push a few really rough sections.

Sometimes I would be back in the middle of nowhere and then others I would be right next to neighborhoods. I even came across a few old abandoned houses that no longer have access. One was really creepy. I went of the trail and rode up to it the whole time it felt like someone was watching me. I was even scared to walk up on the porch. It was creepy! I walked around the house and left.

It won't be on my list for return visit. Call me a wuss, I don't care. It just had that vibe about it. In a way it looked like it was just moved out of but in a way it looked like it had been empty for years. Then On the front porch where 2 boxes from Direct TV, They looked like they had just been dropped off. The hadn't been rained on yet and would have been if they had been there 3 days before.

But how the delivery truck got down there I don't have a clue. Why they where there is still kinda weird. The address was correct as far as the road. But again this house looked old, really old. I threw them up under the overhang so they wouldn't get wet then left.

Anyway I made my way all the way to Wingate and then rode in the ditch down the side of 74 for a few hundred yards and took a side ride back to Wingate. Ate lunch at Mcdonalds and then found my way back to the by-pass. Took it back to 200 and rode the road back to the house. I was gone a little over 3 hours and had a good ride.

I will give it a few months and then do it again. Sooner or later I will be able to ride the whole thing. It's kinda neat to see the progress.

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