Friday, February 19, 2016

Somewhere Somehow ..........

I will ride a bike this weekend. I had planned to head to DuPont for the day, but now that the day is here I don't know if I want to spend that much time in the car.

Speaking of the car, I went out and started it this morning to warm up. Came back out 10 minutes later and it had ran out of gas! I guess when the computer says I have 24 miles of gas left it really means I am out! So I drove the truck..

Once I have it running again I can go do something. Last night I went to Sherman, one of our local trails and rode. I took off and found that I just wasn't really enjoying the ride. My head wasn't into it. About the time I came out of the "Roller Coaster Loop" I almost went to the car but decided it was only about 8 more miles I might as well ride. It would be over in less than an hour so why not.

I was glad I did, not long after that I found I was enjoying myself. The trail was in really good shape considering the rain we had a few nights before. I was sticking the turns and rolling pretty quick even though I wasn't pushing it. Sure enough I was done before I knew it and was ready for more. I came out the end and made a right and went right back in.

No water be damned! Yea, once again I had no water. I can manage to load everything but a damn water bottle for some reason. Anyhow I went straight to the back and redid the "Lake Loop" and the finish one more time. Then called it a night.

A few good beers and a good Kentucky game and now it's Friday. Now where to ride!

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