Thursday, February 18, 2016

Motor or other wise ..........

I touched on this yesterday, my motorcycle trip. I don't really ride as much as I would like (the motorcycle) with the bicycle and running and everyday life there is just not enough time. So when I get the chance to do a big ride like this one coming up I jump at it. It's always neat to see other parts of the country.

I wish I could do long trips on my bicycle but obviously that requires a longer time period. To do 1400 miles on a bicycle I would need at least 21 days. That would be an average of around 70 a day not counting any rest days. One day when I retire I will do a big tour but not now.

With the motorcycle it's like I can cheat a little bit and still see more than most people. Plus most people think I am crazy to take off and ride so many miles in a 3 day period but the same people would really look at you like you were crazy if you where gonna ride a bicycle that far. No matter how long you planned on taking.

I just happen to be fortunate enough to have a motorcycle capable of such trips. Honda Gold Wing! The worlds greatest touring motorcycle/sport bike. Yes I said sport bike, you would have to ride one to understand what I mean by that. Most people can't ride a true sport bike as well as a seasoned Gold Wing rider can make a Wing go. Believe me I have ridden with crowds or came up on sport bike riders who thought they where gonna leave me to know this.

It's always fun to hurt there feelings! Plus I am usually pulling a trailer when this happens. Makes it even funnier! Point is I love to do long rides and can't wait for this one. It's not a nationally advertised ride. It's kinda of low key! Usually they only have about 400 people show up. This year there is one guy registered coming from Oregon! Yep, I am riding 700 one way he has 2600 to go!!

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