Sunday, February 21, 2016

Short Long Trip,,,,,,

I don't make the trip very often because it's on the verge of being to far away. I decided to do Lake Norman yesterday instead of the mountains. I usually only do it a couple of times a year. From my house it's 65 miles to get there. It used to be 85 but now that 485 is open it's a little closer.

When it was 85 miles it was just to far. I can be in Asheville in a 150 miles so if I am gonna ride that far I might as well do the other 60 and be in the hills. But now it's a little closer , still a little far but now it's all freeway.

Anyway I went and rode everything, 30 miles later and I was headed home. Guess what it's now 8am Sunday and I am about to head right back up. I had so much fun and enjoy the place so much I am going back. It will never make the list for a ride during the week but it's moving up the weekend list!

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