Sunday, February 14, 2016

Of Course !!!!!

Yep, I ran! I went to my favorite hideout, Monroe Country Club. Right now with the cold they are closed. All the greens are covered and they are just waiting on the weather to come through. Yep once again we are getting some type of winter weather. They have been putting down brine on the roads for two days now.

It's supposed to start around midnight but not get to bad till sometime tomorrow afternoon. Remember, all it takes for Charlotte to shut down is one inch! I have my fingers crossed. Plus today is Valentines Day and today will be the day everybody is out and about. Believe it or not there will be people who will stay home from work tomorrow just because they are calling for it. Welcome to the south!

Back to the running. I love going there when the place is closed It's like my own private playground. Yesterday I ran the cart path on the back nine and that gives me 2-1/2 miles. Not my longest run but it sure felt good to be out in the cold. It's not often I have to wear gloves the whole time I run. Yesterday I did!

Today will be another run! As I have said before I enjoy running the same trails I have been riding all these years. Going backwards against the bikes make the trails totally different. Run Forest run..

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