Saturday, February 13, 2016


OK, so no the Panthers didn't win the Superbowl. Not really sure they even realized they where supposed to start playing when the coin dropped! You probably watched it, they sucked! Now we move on.

Before the game though I went for a trail run. My longest yet! I went to our local park Francis Beatty with the intent of just doing a short 3 mile run. One hour and 15 minutes later I had ran the whole mountain bike race loop including the new double black diamond section. 7 miles total! The funniest thing is I enjoyed it. It was awesome, I just found a rhythm and kept going. Never was I hurting or ready to quit.

Then I decided I miss my mountain bike and took it to work twice this week. Not sure if the running is making it harder to ride or what effect it has on my riding but I swear I think I am a little slower than I want. I am not worried about a long ride, I can ride all day. But trying to knock out a quick hard lap seems to kill my legs right now. My times are just a little off but it just seems to hurt more than usual.

Not that I am gonna change anything. I enjoy running to much. Although I don't think it's changing anything when I step on the scales. I can tell it's helping my core muscle group but that's about it. I am just in it for the fun. It's just another reason to spend time in the woods. 

So that's about it for my week. Now I sit here waiting for the weather to warm up just a little bit to do something outside. We don't get cold like this very often. It sucks.... 

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