Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mid Week Blues ,,,,,,,,

Also known as a hangover! Yep I went with the wife last night to Chili's and the Blue Moon beer was flowing. Then not having good sense I drank 2 more when I got home. (:note to self) Do not drink during the week.

On to other things. I have a big weekend coming up before long. One I've been planning for a while now. The second weekend of April I am riding my motorcycle to Illinois to get a hamburger. Yep, 700 miles to eat lunch. They say the burgers are that good!

Actually it's a charity event, people come from all over the country to eat on Saturday at lunch. Then they have a banquet Saturday night. Sunday everybody heads home. Simple as that, I will end up with about 1400 miles in 3 days and get to see a whole lot of country.

I haven't been in Illinois in about 15 years. I plan to head up through Ohio and cut across Indiana to get there. Coming home I will go south across Kentucky and cut across Tennessee. Right now I have one friend who is going and another who might go. Either way I am going.

I usually like to do trips like this by myself. So traveling with someone will be kinda different for me. I like traveling with the wife but other people tend to get on my nerves. After 5 years driving a truck and doing it like I wanted it's tough to travel with people.

Hopefully the weather will be good, at that time of year it's always questionable....

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