Sunday, February 28, 2016

One Hurts, One Don't .........

Go figure! So I ran Thursday and did my four miles and felt great. Then the next day my shins were killing me. Actually they still are! Last night we went skiing and that didn't even bother my legs. I figured I would wake up this morning and would be in pain. Nope! None at all!

Yes my shins are still sore but my legs feel great. We had a great time last night and it was fun. The weather has been a little off this year, kinda warm and a lot of rain in the mountains. Where last year we skied several times this year that was the first.

Last year my youngest Chase was just learning to snowboard and he kinda had a tough time. This year the kid was doing it like an old pro! I was so proud of him last night! He went up the mountain the first time and came down with only one fall. Every trip was like that. It was like he had been practicing all summer or something.

I just knew he was gonna have a hard time but I was way wrong! I was wrong enough I think I am gonna take a day off work this week and take him back up for the day. That way we won't have to deal with all the people. We can go to the top and won't have all the traffic to deal with. Last night there was a lot of folks.

A lot of them who seemed to have no ideal how to ski. You tend to have that on a weekend with all the groups who come up. During the week it's not like that. Chase was even talking about the need for us to go out west and ski. He wants the three of us to go. Somehow or another we are gonna have to make that happen. Cody would love it and of course I would.

What a difference a year makes. Plus last night of all places we ran into a friend of Chases from church camp. The kid now goes to Appalachian State and works at Sugar Mountain part time. Now Chase has decided he wants to go to App..

                                                 Funny how things work.....

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