Saturday, January 16, 2016


"Why", I still do this blog. For a long time it was for the "hits", how many times someone would take the time to read it. At one point I was up to a hundred a day. Yes my high was almost 2000 a month! Believe me I have no ideal why other than my only other blog buddy, has me listed on his side bar and because I post everyday and stay at the top of the bar people click over.

For that I say thank you Chris. I always wondered how many hits he must get. Mainly because he does such a better job of posting with picks than I do. I for one like the blogs with pictures, and I quit posting pictures like 2 years ago. I quit when I used up all my free space and was gonna have to start paying. Every once in a while I think about doing pics again but just haven't gotten around to it.

Anyway I still do this for the sole reason I enjoy it. I like to write and this is my place to voice what I have to say. It may not be much but it's me and I like looking back and reading what I was up too at some point in the past. It try to keep politics and general bitching out of here just because I don't want to read that in other people's blogs so I know no one wants to read it in mine.

Over the last few months I kinda slacked off on writing and just really got back to it. My "hit" count dropped a lot but surprisingly it picked right back up when I started posting again. Thanks for stopping in. I guess people like to see that their everyday life isn't the only boring thing going on! Mine is just as slow as theirs!

Anyway thanks for reading and maybe one day I will start putting pictures back up again. I finally have a home computer again and really like it. Thanks wife she got it for me for Christmas. Now that I have it I am getting the urge to start shooting pics again. Believe it or not I stare at a computer everyday all day at work and when my old laptop quit working I just really didn't care to get a new one. I haven't had a home computer in several years.

I don't do the "face" time waste thing so it's really easy to go without the home computer. But now with this little notebook I am back in business. Plus I got a new camera the other day! Things are looking up! I am glad to be back... Although I really never stopped I just took a break..

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  1. Keep it up buddy. I write because I like to do it. It's nice that people read my nonsense (and look at the pictures), but I'd probably still do it even if I stopped getting millions of visitors every day.