Friday, January 15, 2016

Go When Ya Can,,,,,,,,,,

So as I stated the other day, not much going on this week. Just the normal everyday things. I ran twice and walked the golf course twice. Yesterday I found out the weather was gonna going back to rain so I made a point to hit the woods.

On the bike! After riding in the mountains so many times lately I find it hard to head out to the local trails sometimes. But when the rain is coming it changes my state of mind. As I unloaded I really did kinda have to make myself go. I just wasn't feeling it. After the first mile though my state of mind changed and got things going.

I actually ended up riding one of my fastest times I have posted in awhile. In other words I enjoyed it. Now the weekend is here and I don't have any hill trips planned so I think I might head south. Cheraw is calling my name. The next mountain trip isn't till the end of the month and I want to be able to enjoy the ride so I better stay in some type of riding shape.

Weather I want to ride locally or not I need to stay in shape. Plus I got a new pair of running shoes this week and I need to try them. Should be a good weekend.

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