Sunday, January 17, 2016

Typical, For Monroe.....

Yesterday all the Charlotte trails were too wet to ride so I loaded the car and headed to Cheraw SC and hit sweet sandy single track! After all the rain the trails were perfect, and as an added bonus they had been recently cleared. The whole loop was a white ribbon of sand clear of pine needles and pine cones.

The Hartsville Polar Bear cycling Club, who keep the place up, apparently had a recent work day. Plus they had a new sign in book where you can enter your email. The book said it was for upcoming events in the park. Hopefully I will get contacted and can help with the trail. I have tried to checkout their site before but they are only on Facebook and like I said yesterday, I don't do the face thing.

Anyway it was awesome! Now, has anyone looked out the window this morning! Here in Monroe NC it's snowing! Like really heavy! Yesterday I rode and it was 60 degrees today we have snow. No it's not gonna stick and yes it will be over in about an hour but right now I am staring out the window and it's snowing.....

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